the lowdown

IMG_1236new logos, media strategies, websites and pages and even promotional materials – all in one stop – meaning new coherent and seamless strategies that work. so whether it’s a new logo, stickers banners or t-shirts to promote ideas already in motion, or just some cool modern touches to update your home or office, let’s see what we can do.



thanks for taking the time to ask or learn a little more about me and my company to see what we can do together. a lot of times, people ask me “what do you do?” it’s not always an easy question because i do a lot of little things. i guess at the end of the day it’s part design,  part artist and part marketing all mixed up with a modern architecture flair. the real fun and magic happens when all of those little things come together. sometimes it just falls right into place, and sometimes you have to wrestle and fight with it. one of the hardest lessons i have been forced to learn as both a father and an artist is to learn to when to say when and just trust the process.

i’ve designed and built signs for backyard shops as well as major stores. i’ve designed everything from parade pennants for grade school kids to lapel pins for mayors and olympic committee members to total marketing packages for start-ups. heck, i even designed and painted a bike for the president.