my story

a lot of what I do revolves around bikes and cycling in general. every day I try to be a father, a friend, a husband, an ex-husband, a great designer, a better citizen, et. al. most of the time, it’s like a great bike ride in that no matter how bad it is it’s still good. all sorts of bikes have been a big part of my life as far back as I can remember. consequently, a lot of what I say and think and design is distilled from bike riding in one way or another. i truly believe that a bike can teach you most of the life lessons you need. some are crude, some are elegant, some good, some bad, some are fun, some not so much.  and some hurt. a lot. in a lot of ways

photo (15)bikes forced me out of my parents’ house at a young age. i was never a jock or that into sports, but cycling taught me a lot about competition and perseverance. cycling also lets me exercise my creativity in numerous ways and has gotten me acquainted with people from whom i was lucky enough to learn a lot more than just things about bikes. bikes have let me work with/near/for some of my cycling heroes. the periphery parts of the cycling world forced me learn a lot about making things from scratch and being resourceful, especially while on the road in europe working as a team mechanic.

i want to believe i am at the point in my life where the waning arrogance  is beginning to melt into confidence, which seems like a pretty sweet place to be. the naive wide-eyedness of youth with the wisdom and experience of age.  a lot of the things i create and design are based in and refined from the same vein as the contradiction of a well made bicycle – on one hand it is a thing of pared down beauty and art but on the other hand a tool to be used and not just oggled.

thanks for taking the time to learn a little about me and don’t hesitate to contact me to get info on workshops or help you out with your next project, no matter the scope or scale.